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May, 2012

Can you measure Reiki in some way?

Reiki Research – there is quite a lot of Research being done into Reiki nowadays, which is good news for us as practitioners, as we are often asked ‘how do you know that Reiki works?’, or our internal ‘Doubting Thomas’ has us wondering if anything is really happening when we lay our hands on someone. […]

Gendai Reiki Ho – Basic Practice CD

Hiroshi Doi has recorded a CD of Gendai Reiki Ho Basic Practice.  The recording is in Doi Sensei’s own voice, which is deep and warm … very pleasing to the ear.  It feels enormously special to hear Doi Sensei speak these words in his own voice, as he gently guide us. Each of the 11 […]

Reiki share – Japanese style

The Gendai Reiki Network International Conference 2012 in Kyoto began with a get together for the international delegates.  We were joined by Doi Sensei, Mrs Doi, the GRN Board members and about 20 Japanese practitioners. We began by sitting in circle, on zabuton cushions, and sharing a little about ourselves. Doi Sensei welcomed us all […]

Reiki, Aikido and Zen 3.

Soushou Yamada, chief priest of Daitoku ji, joined Hiroshi Doi and Koretoshi Maruyama at the Gendai Reiki International Conference 2012 in Kyoto. Earlier in the week, we had been treated to a special guided tour of Daitoku-ji, which is not normally open to the public.  In the 14th century, Japanese priests went to China to […]

Reiki, Aikido and Zen 2.

The second presentation of the Gendai Reiki Network International 2012 in Kyoto was given by Koretoshi Maruyama, on the subject of Aikido.  Aikido is a martial art that teaches its students to appreciate the life in the other person. Mr Maruyama told us that the three disciplines (Reiki, Aikido and Zen) have ‘ki’ in common, […]

Reiki, Aikido, and Zen 1.

Between the two concerts at the Gendai Reiki Network International Conference 2012, in Kyoto, there were three presentations on the subjects of Reiki, Aikido, and Zen Buddhism.  This part of the conference was open to the public and so the presentations were offered so that all present could understand without having any deeper knowledge. The […]