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Reiki Level Four – Gokuikaiden

Should you decide that you wish to become a teacher of Reiki, you will progress to Level Four, Gokuikaiden.

In this fourth and final level, all Usui Sensei’s teachings are completed.  Level Four builds on the spiritual and healing experience you gained at Level Three through raising the resonance between the level of Reiki within you and the level of Reiki of the Universe.  By this gradual progression you build the foundation of your spiritual advancement, with the aim of reaching  optimal peace of mind and a real appreciation of the benefits of Reiki.

The training at Level Four focuses on the cultivation of your mind and attitude.  After completing this level, you will have gained the wisdom to be able to teach the theories and techniques of Reiki-ho, give feedback, and reply to your student’s questions in appropriate ways and words.

In Level Four, you become certified as a Reiki Master, with the knowledge to teach all levels of Reiki to others in your own seminars. You will have gained experience of spiritual training and practices at Level Three, and through sitting in on many Reiki seminars at all levels.  In this way, you will have gained true understanding of the essentials and application of Reiki.

In taking on the new role of Reiki Master, it is necessary to recognise the importance of teaching the philosophy of Mikao Usui Sensei, and passing on pure Reiki energy by resonating with the higher dimensional waves of Reiki.

This is not a step to be taken lightly; it is important to be fully committed to practicing Reiki with diligence.  The training is a wonderful experience that leads to a great deal of personal growth.

The tuition for becoming a Master is individual to each person, according to your own circumstances and life experiences.   If you are interested in taking this step with me, please contact me for further information.