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The energy of November

1st – Samhain – when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, perfectly suited to working with the Scorpio energy with which the month begins.  Intense Scorpio energy is helps us explore our deep hidden sides, and that has the potential to lead to transformation … if we are willing to delve into the shadow sides of ourselves and others.  As the month progresses, the emphasis changes to Sagittarius, which can come as a welcome relief. 

Mercury leads the change on 10th, followed by the Sun on 22nd and Mars two days later.  In Sag our focus shifts from the hidden depths upwards and outwards into the world, encouraging us to expand our thinking so that we can more easily focus on the bigger picture, the larger perspective.  The energy around us is more optimistic, and that can result in us taking on more than we can comfortably handle, leading to stress.  And that’s when the more impatient side of this sign can manifest itself, bringing forth tactless, hurtful comments that are not in resonance with our Kokoro, our heart-mind.  Planets in Sagittarius are intensely curious, they are on a quest to explore the meaning of things, to understand truth.

Mercury enters his shadow phase on 26th, slowing down in preparation for turning retrograde next month.  If possible, plan to complete any important purchases well before then, and if travel is unavoidable, allow extra time in case of unexpected delays.

Saturn stations Direct on the 4th at 0° Pisces, right at the frontier.  Being further away from the Sun, Saturn moves relatively slowly and so will stay in Pisces until May ’25.  Saturn’s influence gives us the ability to commit to doing what we don’t feel like doing.  He’s not a bundle of laughs.  But he is a great teacher.  He’s afforded us the opportunity to reflect and review for the last 4 months, now it’s time to put in determined effort, particularly in the realm spiritual endeavours.  It can be difficult to keep an open heart when we are surrounded by conflict, but Pisces brings a huge measure of compassion, and Saturn will encourage us to bring that energy to every situation that confronts us.  Saturn also gifts us the self-discipline to get every bit of juice from the events that come into our lives now, also to make our own decisions based on those recent oh-so-valuable reflections.  Saturn loves commitment, but Pisces isn’t renowned for organisational skills, so be prepared, make lists.

Venus enters Libra, her own Sign, on the 8th.  Libra is where she feels most comfortable in expressing her true nature without compromise, and indeed can do so with ease and grace.  We are looking for harmony and ease in our relationships, and our values and aesthetic senses are heightened.      

The New Moon falls on 13th at 20° Scorpio.  The depth and intensity of this powerful sign is not really comfortable for the Moon, and she has to look for creative ways to express her emotions because they can be overwhelming.  Scorpio excels at digging deep, and so this is a wonderful time to seek a better understanding of our shadow side, and to explore healthy ways of releasing old habit patterns. 

The Full Moon falls on 27th at 4° Gemini, which sharpens our curiosity and desire for social interaction.  At this time our dreams can be filled with nervous energy, leaving us feeling a bit on edge come morning.  Gemini can bring a lively, spirited energy, which can make us somewhat restless and reluctant to engage in introspection, which is what the Full Moon normally invites.  It is well worth the effort though, because this is a good time to take a good look at our natural ways of receiving sensory input, and to honour growth and change in the way in which we perceive messages from the natural world and the cosmos.   

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