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The energy of May 2023


1st – Beltane, a time to celebrate life, and the day that Pluto stations retrograde in Aquarius before revisiting Capricorn next month.  We will feel the return to Capricorn energy approaching as he draws inexorably nearer.  His energy has been so big recently, anyone with a prominent Pluto in their natal chart or sensitive points in the early degrees of Aquarius will have been really feeling the effects.  Pluto’s annual period of retrogradation encourages us to dive deep below the surface into the shadow – the subconscious material that we prefer to project onto others rather than recognise as our own, which is the subject matter of our gradual evolutionary process of accepting the fullness of who we are.

4th – Venus square Neptune.  Neptune can bring confusion – what you thought was clear now isn’t!  This can be so painful when linked with Venus, the planet of friendship and romantic relationships.  Both ends of the spectrum are possible, wearing rose-tinted spectacles and not seeing the real person behind the lovely dream, or having the wool pulled over our eyes by someone we love.  The other side is a challenge to our artistic creativity, whatever the outlet.  The task of translating our inspiration into physical reality doesn’t flow easily now, but the effort can yield splendid results.  

5th – a Full Moon and the second Eclipse of this season in Scorpio, which definitely complements the Pluto retrograde energy.  Scorpio is intense and emotionally charged, so we are being primed for a deep dive into our uncharted depths.  Uncompromising Scorpio pulls back the veil to show what is really going on beneath the surface, revealing deep truths that lead to inevitable change, so it would be wise to be in the driver’s seat of this process rather than waiting for it to happen to us.

9th – Sun conjunct Uranus signals a time of restlessness, when we want to break from our usual routine or style and be more adventurous.  Not a great time to take unnecessary risks though.

15th – Mercury stations direct – our brains begin to change gear from the recent time of reflection and revisiting the past, and start to get active once more, to push forward.  It will take another few weeks to pick up speed though as he is still in the shadow phase, covering ground he has already journeyed through, until the 31st.

16th – Jupiter joins the Sun, Mercury and Uranus in Taurus, which is a lot of emphasis on this solid and slow-moving sign.  If any security measures want updating, home or financial, now is the time.  Be alert to a tendency to stubbornness, to dig in our heels over minor things.  It’s not a high energy time, so adjust to the slower pace of this sign, as forcing change now could leave us feeling ungrounded.  The Moon joins the party a couple of days later and peaks at the New Moon on 19th.  This is a great time to examine what is real to us, to know our own truth, and to question where those truths originated – to ask ourselves if they are really ours or inherited, if so are they still valid in our lives, are they genuine to who we are at our very essence. 

18th – Jupiter square Pluto – Jupiter’s tendency for exaggeration may make it easier to glimpse what the challenges of the Pluto in Aquarius themes will be.  Jupiter wants more of … Pluto wants depth, so perhaps we should cooperate, don our breathing apparatus and prepare to explore our depths. 

21st – Sun moves into Gemini – all the stolid Taurean energy can start to feel restricting, so we welcome the lighter more sociable, curious energy of Gemini that invites us to meet up with friends, to get out and about more, to seek change … partly because our feet are no longer weighed down by Taurean mud, but mainly for the sheer joy of it. 21st – Mars, the planet of courage and willpower opposes Pluto, the planet of intensity and passion, which sounds like being handed the baton to sprint for the finish line.  Beware of being overly competitive or heavy handed though as neither planet is renowned for its subtlety.  This potential high energy will be followed on 28th by its opposite energy.  Saturn, our great teacher, reminds us of our duties and responsibilities as he squares the Sun.  We may feel as though we are thwarted at every turn, that the Sun has gone behind a cloud, that the energy around us is heavy, heavy, heavy.  There is always something that Saturn wants to teach us though, so being open to and welcoming his lessons will really help.

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