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Gendai Reiki Ho – Basic Practice CD

Hiroshi Doi has recorded a CD of Gendai Reiki Ho Basic Practice.  The recording is in Doi Sensei’s own voice, which is deep and warm … very pleasing to the ear.  It feels enormously special to hear Doi Sensei speak these words in his own voice, as he gently guide us.

Each of the 11 tracks has an English translation by Linda Myashita.  Doi Sensei speaks, and then Linda translates, so that we know at each step what Doi Sensei has just said.  In the background there is gentle healing music written and performed by Linda’s husband Fumio Myashita.

Cover photo of Gendai Reiki Ho Basic Practice, two CD set by Hiroshi Doi

The beautiful photo on the cover was taken in Kagamiike, Togakushi, Nagano by Gendai Reiki Network board member Imashimizu Takahiro.  This tranquil and serene scene inspires our senses to feel the spiritual content of the CD.

The CD was recorded shortly before the Gendai Reiki Network International Conference, so that it could be offered for sale at that event.  Not knowing in advance that I would have the great fortune to be able to attend, I ordered a copy from Japan for myself.  The postage to the UK was really expensive, and so when I found myself at the Conference, I took the opportunity to purchase some copies to bring back.  This saves you the cost of postage, and charges to send money overseas.

The tracks are:

As you can see, these are all really important teachings in Gendai Reiki, including the Five Principles, and the important technique that Mikao Usui encouraged his students to practice daily to purify themselves and raise their inner Reiki – Hatrurei Ho.  This is equally valid and important today, and Doi Sensei tells us that as you practice this technique, your inner Reiki becomes more powerful each time.

As events come up in the world, particularly the disasters from extreme weather patterns that seem to be happening more and more frequently these days, Doi Sensei recommends that we listen to The Prayer of Light and Meditation in order to unite in spreading Reiki energy to every corner of the planet.  Although ‘sending’ Reiki is the province of Level Two, this is a practice in which we may all participate, regardless of our level of Reiki, to heal our planet and bring Reiki love and harmony to our fellow man.  Doi Sensei recommends this practice particularly, as we link in with the energy of fellow Reiki practitioners the whole world over.

The cost of the two CD set is 4,000 yen, which converts to £32.  If you would like a copy then please get in touch.

To hear some of Fumio Miyashita’s music, please go to:

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