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Reiki Share Groups

What is a Reiki share?

A Reiki share, or exchange, is a meeting where two or more practitioners get together and work on each other or on volunteers.

The founder of Reiki Ryoho, Mikao Usui, recommended that we regularly attend gatherings and share group meetings, in order to elevate our vibrational energy level through healing practice and energy exchange

Purposes of Reiki share

We hold shares, or exchanges, for the purpose of discussion and dissemination of information.

Reiki shares offers you a chance to share your experiences, to practice giving Reiki, to receive healing yourself, to ask questions of your fellow practitioners and your Master, and to connect with your community.  An exchange may also afford you the opportunity to work alongside fellow practitioners on the same person, which can give you an insight into different approaches to using Reiki.


Our shares are informal; they are simply members of our community offering to give each other treatments.  We begin with a short meditation to assist us to move our focus away from our daily concerns, and along more spiritual lines.

Occasionally, our members offer treatments to the wider circle of our friends and family within the share group setting.  Inviting others to our shares can result in a powerful healing experience for them, especially if more than one practitioner works on them.

Shares are therefore information sessions offering the opportunity for valuable practice to those who have little experience of Reiki, while giving the more experiences the chance to work on new people.


To many of us, the primary benefit of a Reiki share is the opportunity to check in with fellow practitioners and reconnect with our Reiki community.  For those who belong to a Professional Association, they also give the opportunity to document training and Continuous Professional Development.

See ‘Dates for your Diary’ for further information.