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The energy of February 2023

The time for review, rest and repair is officially over, all planets are now moving in direct motion.  This is like a green light from the universe to move ahead with our plans without having to navigate the delays and obstacles that retrogradation brings.  The time for procrastination is now behind us.  Phew.     

Mars begins to pick up speed after his retrograde period of the last few months.  Mars is our courage, our directed motivation, our focused attention and problem-solving abilities, none of which have been as available to us recently.  We are thankfully able to move forwards now as we feel our vitality returning.  

For the time being the Lunar Nodes maintain their 2022 focus.  The South Node in Scorpio asks us to delve into the ancient knowledge that comes from our personal past and from our ancestral lore.  The North Node in Taurus highlights the beauty of nature, encouraging us to create our personal oasis in our own corner of the world. 

In February, Pluto reaches the anaretic degree – 29° – and prepares to dip his toes into Aquarius.  This last degree speaks of finishing a journey, of reaching the end of a cycle, and therefore heralds change.  I think I can safely say that we are all ready for the end of this particular cycle, it has been challenging not only on a personal level, but on a worldwide scale.  It is the end of an era.  Pluto asks us – and he’s not renowned for his subtlety – to let go of what we don’t need any more.  Free-spirited Aquarius is hugely different to the contracting, controlling energy of Capricorn.  More on that in March, but this month there could be a sense of urgency as we sense the ‘best before’ date rapidly approaching, perhaps leading to hasty decisions, poor choices, or a sense of crisis.  In whichever way it manifests for us, the energy is intense.

Saturn also reaches this degree at the end of the month, ready for his move from Aquarius into visionary Pisces.  Air to Water.  Saturn is not actually comfortable in either element as they both resist containment.  He erects boundaries – air and water dissolve them.  Saturn is naturally concerned with endings; Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, the combination serving to emphasise the theme of finishing current work, discarding what we have outgrown.  Left brain, logical, scientifically-verifiable thought morphs into right brain concept-oriented intuitive insights.  We are not done with logical thought though as Mercury, the master of information and communication, moves into Aquarius on 11th.  Inventive and abstract in this unorthodox sign, we value independent thought, and are encouraged to resist any attempts to tell us what to think.

The Full Moon on the 5th in fiery Leo brings the desire to get things moving, to align with our passions and desires, to be seen and heard, to take control of our own life and be in touch with our own needs.  Leo rules our heart, our truth, our courage, our strength and our inner wisdom, so a good time to release anything that brings fear, anything that prevents us from being our true authentic self.  It’s a time to shine.  Unapologetically.  

The Sun’s ingress into gentle, watery Pisces on 18th paves the way for the New Moon in Pisces on 20th, drawing our intention inwards, towards intuition.  This may bring deep emotional wounds to the surface – and perhaps a desire to run away – but to do so would be to miss an opportunity for deep healing.  This Moon phase is deeply intuitive, so tune in and follow the signs, even when we can’t quite see where they are leading, listen and trust that all will become clear at the right time.

Venus moves from loving Pisces into action-oriented Aries on 20th.  Pisces energy draws Venus into the realms of universal love; outgoing Aries brings a more pressing need for personal affection.  Venus speaks of what we desire, and in Aries we want more love … and we want it now.  Aries isn’t interested in the long game. 

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