Health & Harmony

Bringing Reiki, life and wellbeing to Galashiels and the rest of the Scottish Borders

Treatments available

Treatments are available at Health and Harmony in the Scottish Borders.  The aim of treatments is to restore the natural equilibrium that the body strives to attain.  You will receive undivided attention and care, providing an optimum situation for the restoration of your health.

Therapies offered:


Usui Reiki Ryohoho is a healing art that originated in Japan early last century.  The system that I practice is Gendai Reiki Ho, founded by Hiroshi Doi.  Gendai Reiki closely follows the original practice.

Reiki treatment

Reiki treatment


Reflexology works on the understanding that the feet represent the energy of the body.  Practitioners are trained to respond to each treatment with a variety of specific thumb and finger techniques, so that each consultation is conducted in a caring and responsible manner.

Reflexology treatment

Electro Sensitivity:

Electro sensitivity is an invisible, but very real problem for many people.  It is caused by the interaction of artificial electromagnetic fields from cables and appliances, also from transmitting devices, with biological systems – our bodies.

Hopi Ear Candles:

The treatment uses candles based on a traditional formula that originated with the Hopi Indian tribes in Arizona.  The end of the candle is gently placed in the ear whilst you relax and allow it to work.

Ear Candle treatment

Ear candle treatment


These are brief descriptions.  For more information, please see the individual pages.


Treatments are available at Health and Harmony, situated at Peel, near Clovenfords in the beautiful Scottish Borders.  Galashiels, Melrose, Selkirk,  Innerleithen and Peebles are nearby towns;  Edinburgh is 30 miles to the north.  Please enter TD1 3LP into your satnav.