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Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Electromagnetic sensitivity is an invisible, but very real problem for many people.  It is caused by the interaction of artificial electromagnetic fields (from cables and appliances, and from transmitting technology) with biological systems – our bodies.

Many people’s lives have become a misery because of the severity of their problems.  Electromagnetic sensitivity manifests in many ways and symptoms include headaches, fatigue, poor sleep patterns, altered sensation and tingling, irritation and rashes, earaches and unsteadiness, confusion, poor memory, aches and numbness, mood swings, faintness, tremors and restless legs.  We are not yet aware of the long term effects of electro sensitivity, though we are already aware of the correlation between electromagnetic fields and childhood leukaemia, and there is increasing evidence linking dementia with EM Fields.  During the Cold War microwaves were used as offensive tools to cause ill health.

Treatment is through relaxing on a conductive earthing sheet for an hour.  Studies indicate that earthing changes brain wave patterns, can benefit sleep, reduce inflammation, and may result in significant changes in key hormones leading to a change in cell vitality.

In thermography studies on inflammation, earthing was shown to counter inflammation, and free radicals show a significant benefit.

In a recent study about half the subjects who were earthed showed an abrupt, almost instantaneous change in values of EEG from the left hemisphere, and all of them presented an abrupt change in values of surface electromyograms (SEMGs) from right and left upper trapezius muscles – where tension is stored.  These findings suggest reductions in overall stress levels and tensions, and a shift in autonomic balance.  Earthing appears to restore the balance between the active and relax parts of out autonomic system.

Stress is a major issue, and lack of sleep has serious knock on effect on our health.  Changes in the hormone cortisol are reflective of the stress response and cortisol has been shown to have a relationship with sleep and inflammation.  Earthing normalises cortisol.  In a sleep study, it was noticed that sleep dysfunction, pain and stress were subsequently reduced or eliminated, and measurable improvements in diurnal cortisol profiles were observed.  Additionally, patients’ heart rate variability confirmed significant autonomic balancing after just one hour of earthing.

Natural Health Magazine, April 2013, reported the following statistics in their article on earthing:

The Science of earthing
38 women: 22 men                            Test Subjects                            Control Subjects

                                                             Same:   Improved:                    Same:   Improved:
Time to fall asleep:                             15%      85%                             87%      13%
Quality of sleep:                                    7%      93%                             87%      13%
Wake feeling rested:                            0%     100%                            87%      13%
Muscle stiffness and pain:                  18%      82%                           100%       0%
Chronic back and/or joint pain:          26%      74%                           100%       0%
General wellbeing:                              22%      78%                             87%       13%

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