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Reiki Level Two – Okuden

In Okuden, the second level of Gendai Reiki, you will work in depth with self healing and the healing of others.  You will learn a series of techniques created by Mikao Usui to accelerate the healing process, also the first three symbols that Mikao Usui developed for his students.

This second level is often taken after a time of practicing Level One, and reflects a desire for a deeper commitment to Reiki.  This progression to Level Two constitutes an important step in the deepening of your connection with Reiki energy, and your path towards Satori or spiritual fulfilment.

Okuden means the ‘hidden’ or ‘inner’ teachings.  This level helps you to discover and become more in tune with what is hidden within yourself, your inner self.

This Second Level takes you much deeper into Reiki.  You build on your Level One experience – the foundations laid through your daily practice.  To prepare for this step, you will have been using Reiki actively in your daily life, and be feeling ready to strengthen your commitment to your Reiki practice.

There are two stages to Okuden: Okuden Zenki and Okuden Koki.  The aim of Okuden Zenki is to make your Reiki more powerful and varied, and you will be taught techniques for achieving these goals.

In Okuden Koki, you will be taught methods for working with the symbols that Mikao Usui passed down to us, which enable us to send Reiki treatments to people at a distance, along with ways of furthering healing on mental, spiritual, and emotional levels, both in yourself and others.  This level also teaches techniques for dealing with addictions, overcoming bad habits, and the negative circumstances that come up in our lives.

Level Two is taught in 3 classes, and may be offered with a period of assimilation between the seminars.  A review session is held after a time of practice and integration.

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