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Out of the dust a planet is born
Out of the dust a star is born

The Birthchart

Don’t walk under a ladder today! … if this is what you are hoping to see here, then please go to another website, because that is definitely not the sort of astrology that you will find here.

My motivation is to help you discover your strengths, the highest potential version of yourself.  Yes, we will uncover some shadow material along the way – we all have shadow material, it is part of what this physical lifetime is about.

The reading will be in depth, with an aim of helping you to recognise the planetary energies as they work in your life.  From then on, it’s up to you.  You can choose to forget it all the next day, the next week … but you’ll be missing the great opportunity to evolve and grow that an in depth understanding of your birthchart can bring.

Planets in orbit around the Sun

Transits and Progressions

Are you feeling restless and don’t know why … want to leave home, your job, go exploring in Machu Picchu? Or have a big decision to make? Then this might be the right time to explore Transits and Progressions.

This is an reading to discover what the Universe wants you learn right now, this minute.  You need to have the preliminary understandings of your Birthchart, so that you understand the energies at play.  The reading is shorter and generally focuses on the energy of the current year.

You have evolved and matured since you were born, taken in lots of life experience, and this is reflected in Progressions. 

Transits look at how the current planetary energies are interacting with your Birthchart, calling you to evolve and grow.  We make choices at all points of our lives, but these are The Choice Points, the ones you remember.