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Reiki and pain

Scanning of a human brain by X-rays

Human brain

Reiki is a touch therapy. Researchers from University College London tell us that touch therapies help the brain form a better impression of the body, integrate the signals received, with the result that you feel less pain. For example, pain in a phantom limb that has been amputated; only when the brain ‘gets’ that the limb is no longer there does the pain finally stop. Reiki healing aids the brain to form a better representation of the body, and is therefore a useful therapy to use when dealing with pain.

Taking this concept one step further, healing is equally necessary in cases of trauma on mental, emotional or spiritual levels. Losses on these levels also result in disruption to the flow of energy, resulting in emotional pain.

Your body systems are set up to communicate with each other – a massive exchange of information takes place in your body every second. Your emotions are cellular signals that are translating information into physical reality; your mind holding the network together, often below your consciousness, literally transforming mind into matter. Reiki is a holistic bodymind therapy that brings healing to the mind and body as a whole, allowing the emotions to be accessed through the body, and vice versa.

Chronic pain is a complex issue. Pain is meant to be an alarm bell in your brain, raising strong emotions to ensure that you pay attention because it is alerting you to tissue damage. With chronic pain that alarm can go on and on, and becomes a problem in itself.

Pain is not present to be endured. Listen to the messages from your body. Pain is to be recognised and heeded for its warnings. Natural, holistic Reiki healing works on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels simultaneously, linking and coordinating your systems, their organs and cells in an intelligently orchestrated symphony of life.

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