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Reiki in OR

Reiki Mawashi in the Operating Room

Reiki in the operating room

Reiki in the operating room

Cordoba (or Cordova, as we call it) is a city in Andalusia, southern Spain.    Cordova lies on the banks of the Guadalquivir, which is the second longest river in Spain, and at the foot of the Sierra Morena mountains.

Cordova has two hospitals to serve its 330,000 inhabitants.  The photo shows the doctors and the whole surgical team in the main hospital, gathered in a circle of healing.  This is their practice before any surgery.   The team use Reiki energy to ensure that the operation is for the greatest good of the patient.

Isn’t that wonderful!?

Reiki Mawashi is one of the traditional techniques that Mikao Usui taught, and has been practiced since the beginning.  Mawashi means circle, or circulation.

We perform Reiki Mawashi so that:

This is how it is done:

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