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Archived Page : Aqua Detox

Aqua Detox

This amazing treatment involves placing the feet in a foot spa of warm water. A highly sophisticated array is placed into the water, which causes ionisation of the water and helps to re-balance the body’s electro-magnetic forces. During the treatment, gas bubbles form around the electrodes indicating that an electrolytic reaction is taking place. The unit causes electric dialysis by producing electromagnetic oscillations in the water. The water in the foot bath becomes an extension of the water in the body, from which it is separated by nothing more substantial than a thin membrane – the skin.

There may be lymphatic fat or mucus floating on the water – this is normal. Part of the colour change is caused by toxins and chemicals contained in the tap water.

Aqua Detox in Operation

Aqua Detox in Operation

If the body’s energy balance is disturbed by the presence of environmental or dietary toxins, for example, it is necessary to detect and correct it. The use of controlled, low frequency electrical currents in the treatment of a variety of diseases and injuries is well established and widely understood. Detoxification enhances your body’s restorative powers, improving blood circulation, repairing a compromised immune system and preventing premature aging.

An Aqua Detox treatment bio-energetically stimulates you to enable self detoxification and rebalancing of the body’s bio-energetic fields as shown in research using medically approved equipment.

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