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Archived Page : Reflexology


Reflexology is a traditional healing method, dating back at least 5,000 years when the Chinese were known to have practised a form of pressure therapy similar to acupuncture. Foot and hand reflexology were being used by the ancient Egyptians in about 3,000 BC as depicted in the wall painting below, which can be found in the Physicians’ Tomb of Ankhamahor at Saqqara.

Egyptian Papyrus Reflexology

Translation : Please don't hurt me

Reflexology stimulates the body’s own healing forces, strengthening any weakness. The aim of reflexology is to balance the systems and harmonise the entire body. The body is easily thrown out of balance by stress or poor diet and the resulting imbalances, even if only slight, will prevent the efficient working of bodily functions. Reflexology calms over-active areas and stimulates under-active areas until the body’s natural balance is restored.

There are over 7,200 nerve endings in each foot that interconnect through the spine and brain with all areas of the body. Perhaps this fact, more than any other, explains why we feel so much better when our feet are treated.

Reflexology is received well by all age groups, and combines well with other therapies, orthodox and complementary.


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