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The energy of July 2022

Neptune is ascending in his own sign of Pisces, so in July the spotlight is on spirituality.  The Lord of the Oceans is comfortable in the 1st House, in the choppy waters of our inner depths … sounds like our spiritual path is at the forefront of the July energies in a way that is very personal to each one of us.  This Piscean energy could set the tone of the whole month for those who work with light or who are seeking to embody more light.  This influence is particularly strong in the first few days, and then Jupiter, who also rules Pisces follows Neptune over the Ascendant.  Jupiter brings with him the more active energy of dynamic Aries though.  Jupiter and Aries – that’s a larger-than-life combination!

Jupiter stations and then turns retrograde on 28th, retracing his steps towards Pisces – and the powerful energy of the conjunction with Neptune that we experienced in early April.  The energy of that conjunction will rise within us again, increasing in energy as the two planets draw closer together once more.  They won’t meet exactly this time, but they encourage us to continue with the work that called to us during the meeting of these three very spiritual influences. 

July’s strong emphasis on self-development is reinforced by Chiron, Eris and Mars being in the 1st House.  This is ‘Me’ time, in terms of the spiritual work we are drawn towards and also in terms of visceral self-expression.  At this time we may know what we want, and have the energy, the drive to go after it. 

The Sun and Jupiter meet exactly in the sky on the 17th in the nurturing sign of Cancer, asking us to evaluate our emotional health, and give expression to the caring side of our nature.  Are we giving – and receiving – the nurture we need?  Jupiter often brings ‘more’, so it is possible that we may need to receive a little more support during this month, and also to be there for our friends, being on the alert for those signals that show when a friend is in need of a bit extra TLC.

Unconventional Uranus conjuncts the North Node, the Dragon’s Head, from 19th until 6th August.  The North Node speaks to our present life calling – both personally and collectively – and to character traits that have not been developed sufficiently in our previous incarnations.  Uranus always asks us to look at things from a fresh perspective, from outside our current box, outside conventional thinking or perceived wisdom.  He challenges us to rebel, to dare to be individual, to break free from our old habit patterns.    

Beginning on 22nd, it’s time for the Sun’s annual passage through Leo – a time of the year when we really need to break out from our work-a-day 9-till-5 world, to foster our creativity, to give full reign to our self-expression however that likes to manifest itself, to be out in the sunshine with friends, to let our hair down and dance till dawn … however we like to have fun.    

This month’s Full Moon on 13th is again a Supermoon, falling in Capricorn.  Capricorn likes things to be structured and this is a tall order for the fluid Moon, so what tends to happen is that the structures of our life are shaken – tested for their strength and stability.  Those that are not strong may fall away, which can presage an emotional time.  We need to resist the urge to tighten our grip on those areas; allow the restructuring to happen, knowing that the nurturing energy of the Moon is doing this for our future emotional wellbeing.

The New Moon falls on 28th in fiery Leo and brings a glimmer of light, of hope, of joy, of spending time with friends, doing the things we enjoy doing together.  This is a wonderful time to really discover what brings us joy, what makes us truly happy, and to make time for that on this New Moon … and the days that follow too!  Feeding our Moon energy boosts our emotional health and makes it easier to shine our unique light out into our community … which benefits everyone.     

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