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Astrology for August 2022

August is a month of energies playing out in the public arena, in the objective realm, as the majority of planets transit the southern hemisphere of the August chart.  Even the seemingly subjective actions we take will be measured by their results in our outer world.

Mercury makes two changes of sign this month.  Starting the month in theatrical mode, he moves into the more practical energy of Virgo on the 4th, so be productive, there is no room for disorganisation here.  On 26th he moves again, this time into peaceful, refined, charming Libra – the perfect time for reading or writing eloquent, beautiful prose, writing, playing or listening to beautiful music.

The Sun also leaves melodramatic Leo for the realms of helpful and supportive Virgo, on 23rd, which may come as a welcome relief for many as the combination of a fire planet and a fire sign can be a bit exhausting after a while … and yet we may miss that month-long annual play date that Sun in Leo gifts to us.

Venus quits sensitive, instinctive, moody Cancer on the 11th and takes to the stage as she moves into dramatic Leo … and is much more comfy there.  Gregarious Venus needs to have an audience and Leo is more than happy to oblige.  Not a time for creating quietly in your lonely garret, more a time to launch a pop-up show in a busy thoroughfare, and don’t forget to invite friends along to attract more applause.  

Mars moves into quick witted, articulate, lively Gemini on 20th – if you need to persuade someone of the merits of your point of view, now is the time to do it.  Don’t get carried away though, as Mars can be like a runaway train and before you know it lively debate has become hurtful mud-slinging.  A square to the more circumspect Saturn starting on the 8th can slow the speed, bring a sense of caution, and encourage you to deal with the serious matters on your agenda.  Followed on 13th by a square to Mercury – ooops, better get the important communications done before then as this square often throws a few obstacles into the mix.

Uranus continues to conjunct Mars and the Lunar North Node throughout August.  The unexpected, sometimes surprising energy of independence and innovation perhaps making us more competitive, perhaps bringing hasty or premature action at times, but certainly bringing opportunities – and the necessary energy – to do the work of our soul purpose.  

July’s Chiron square to Venus comes to an end and the energy drops away, leaving us with many gifts if we accepted the invitation to elevate our physical senses to new heights.  Better jump to it then, otherwise a splendid opportunity will be missed.

August’s Full Moon falls in Aquarius on 12th.  This Moon widens our focus to embrace the greater good of all humanity.  We can take stock of what we, personally, are doing for others without thought of personal reward.  A time to give thanks for victories that have been won; they may be small freedoms in the great scheme of things but really important to those enjoying that freedom.  And a time to contemplate where we are personally in that arena, are there areas where we need to give, or receive, more freedom and independence? 

The New Moon falls in Virgo on 27th.  This is a great energy for discerning what steps we are going to take next on our path of emotional healing, for analysing what needs to be done, and then for planning.  Go into as much detail as you like.  Journal it.  Virgo loves detail.  Are there changes that we need to make to our daily routines, are we paying attention to the insightful messages our bodies are giving us … are we even bothering to listen?  Hold the intention during these beautiful liminal hours to honour the sensitive, caring feminine energy in our ancestors that has gifted us so very much.  Including Mother Nature herself.    

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