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The energy of December 2022

Black holes at the heart of the Galactic Centre

There is a strong Sagittarian energy at the start of December.  At this time of year, the body that holds our Solar System in place, the Sun, aligns with the Galactic Centre at 27° Sagittarius – a point that contains the mass of about four million of our Suns, that is believed to radiate at many levels of frequency.  When any significant planet goes over this potent degree – and there is no ‘planet’ more significant than the Sun in our Solar System – the effects can be extremely profound, helping us to make permanent shifts.  It is no coincidence that this passage coincides with the hugely important Winter Solstice, when the Sun is at its most northerly point giving us the day of least light, the introspective point that holds the promise of the return to the light, warmth and bounty of the summer months.

Jupiter sits at 29° Sagittarius for 3 weeks during December, the potent place that marks the end of a sign – not noticed so much with the faster moving planets – but with Jupiter it pays us to sit up and take notice.  In this place, Jupiter asks us how well we have learned our lessons from his sojourn through Pisces, and sends us a final experience to test if we are being honest with our answers.  The intensity of the Jupiter Neptune conjunction is still there at the start of the month, then begins to fade away.  Usually, we equate Jupiter with good fortune, but at the 29th degree the energy holds the potential to be destructive, depending on how we have responded to the lessons that were ours to learn during this transit.  Jupiter also speaks of faith, in this instance speaking of the need to have faith in ourselves over faith in the outer world, or the spiritual world.

This message is echoed by the Sun’s transit through Sagittarius this month, before moving into the more practical energy of Capricorn at the Solstice.  After expanding our horizons in Sagittarius, Capricorn exhorts us to make our inspirations real. The austerity and solitude of the beginning of winter encourages us to go deeply inward, to ask ourselves what work we are here to do, what gifts we have that we can bring to the world, to recognize the areas where we have authority, to plan carefully, to get organized.

Neptune stations direct on 4th.  His retrograde period was good for reflection, going back over old ground, re-framing it, re-thinking it so that we may evolve and grow from our experiences rather than mindlessly repeating old patterns.  Neptune often makes it harder to see clearly, but his retrograde periods gift us with clearer sight, with the benefit of hindsight.  As he begins forward momentum once more, our sense of intuition can be heightened, and our innate sense of spirituality enhanced.   

The Full Moon falls in Gemini on 8th. This can feel unsettling and bring confusion, as though the twins are living inside our heads, causing us to flit like butterflies from one thing to the next.  The upside of this duality is to ask one twin to hold up a mirror to the other, allowing us to look at our fears and self-limiting beliefs, which holds the potential for clarity, a new way of seeing ourselves, and insights into how we can do things differently.  As a really airy Moon, dreamtime can be quite busy!    

Mercury and Venus both move into Capricorn, heralding the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn, which prepares the conditions for the New Moon in Capricorn on 23rd.  The New Moon guides us to learn what we need from this dark season, and offers us fertile soil in which to plant the seeds of what we want to grow in the year ahead.  So, this is the time for getting very clear on what we want to bring to life in the coming year because, being so well emphasised, the earthy sign of Capricorn gifts us the ability to see our long-term goals, to see what lights us up personally, and the determination to carry that through to fruition.

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