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Astrology for November 2022

Jupiter and Neptune draw close to one another again, bringing an echo of the energy we experienced back in April.  The conjunction won’t become exact this time round, as Jupiter stations direct on 24th and moves on towards Aries, but whilst he is in Pisces it feels like an invitation to check that we have wrung every bit of juice from their meeting.  After all, their meeting in the sign they rule, wise gentle spiritual Pisces, happens only once in our lifetime.  This is happening for everyone on Earth, so is very much in the collective consciousness, but is particularly important on an individual level.  Whatever Jupiter and Neptune signify in our personal birthchart will receive another Piscean boost of energy this month. Anyone with a prominent Pisces in their birthchart will most likely have been feeling the energy building for the last few months, this call to evolve and grow, to dream our world into being.

The Full Moon and total lunar Eclipse on the 8th in Taurus closes the gateway for this eclipse season, that powerful time of growth and change that is ours twice each year.  Eclipses tend to be deep and intense, they bring things to our attention, and reveal truths that will help us stay on the right track.  This is particularly relevant when they happen in Taurus, whose energy is that of stability, of dealing with what is real in us.  From this place we can more easily see where we have been heading down the wrong path, what was merely a distraction from what really matters to us.   

On 22nd the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in expansive Sagittarius, the season when our soul longs to open to all the opportunities the world has to offer – travel, learning, art, music, philosophy – all that stretches us, expands us.  Sagittarius calls to us to push against our boundaries, to grow beyond them, and most of all to enjoy the process.

One day later, the Moon is New in Sagittarius, reinforcing this message of inspiration, of passion, and of freedom.  This Moon helps to illuminate our way forward, which is really helpful at this time of recognising the next step on our soul path and setting in motion what we will need to support us in the coming lunar month.    

On the same day, Mars joins Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in retrograde motion.  The slower the planet’s motion, the longer it spends retrograde, so we are more accustomed to how the outer planets feel when retrograde.  Mars less so, and so this can feel unfamiliar, particularly when we consider Mars’ nature which is dynamic and active – he is our drive, our energy.  Retrograde motion applies the brakes and asks us to look inward, which is definitely not Mars’ forte.  Oops, that puts a dampener on our Sagittarian expansion as we may feel more sluggish than normal.  This takes place whilst Mars is moving through mentally agile Gemini, which rules our mind, our thinking processes, our perceptive abilities, and so we may be aware of a slowdown in those areas.  However, this introspection sits well with the urge to take life at a slower pace for a couple of months over the approaching winter, and to make room for reassessment of our desires, for expansion in our inner realms, and most importantly of the way in which we perceive and work with the information that is all around us.  

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