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Resistance and Reiki

What is going on when the person you are treating feels very uncomfortable whilst you are giving them a Reiki treatment, perhaps gets very annoyed, perhaps even to the point where they want you to remove your hands?  Meanwhile, your hands are glued to the spot, and you know you just have to stay there for longer.

Giving a Reiki treatment

Giving a Reiki treatment

The ‘glued hand’ phenomena is a reliable indicator that the place beneath your hands requires more Reiki.  The confirmation of this lies in the strength of your client’s response.  Healing reactions can be painful, eg in the case of a broken bone or strained muscle, but no less painful with an emotional or spiritual issue.

The first point to note is that Reiki can, and will, go to the cause of any dis-ease (whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) and begin the process of healing.  This process may not necessarily be calming or relaxing, in fact is often the reverse.  Unhealed material does surface during Reiki treatments, and often this can be easily released with a deep sigh or a yawn, often totally without conscious awareness.  However, as this unhealed material pushes against your conscious mind, a part of you will push back (ie resist), which can cause a whole variety of potentially uncomfortable responses.

The discomfort is a reflection of changes happening beneath the surface. Those parts of us standing in the way of our inner peace and happiness come to the surface and are asking to be resolved, but that often requires us to open the doors that we have closed over painful episodes in our lives, or uncomfortable truths that we do not want to consciously acknowledge.

This response is called resistance, and I am sure you have encountered this in your own self healing, or meditation practice.  Although it feels like it, resistance (not what is being resisted, but the resistance itself) is the source of any physical, mental or emotional discomfort.  Our over-riding instinct is to heal, on every level, our bodies want to be happy and healthy, and will go about achieving this if we will allow them.  So, just to emphasise that again, discomfort is not the result of what we resist, but of the resistance itself.

Reiki is not actually “causing” anything to happen.  Reiki merely stimulates whatever is already beneath the surface.  Whatever experiences we have are the product of:

We are the source of our experience; Reiki is just the stimulus. Whatever experience we have tells us something about ourselves. Reiki gives us this gift, opening Pandora’s Box and allowing us to heal old wounds and inner conflicts, to face our inner demons.

Often we don’t welcome this gift at the time, but it is always rewarding – if we have the courage to work with the process in a non judgemental way.  By that I mean accepting, for example, that we all have dark thoughts inside of us, impatience, anger, envy, even the desire to slap someone very hard on occasions, and that is not something about which we need to feel ashamed.

We don’t know what is in our client’s past, huge or small … they may not consciously remember either, but be assured that there are doors that they have closed on thoughts they don’t want to acknowledge, or memories that they have buried and don’t want to confront.  They may not be ready to deal with them.  That is their choice alone.  If they choose to continue the process, then they pay you a great compliment.  They need to know that they can trust you completely, your integrity and your discretion, and your willingness to be with them through that process … and that would be a great honour.

With many thanks to Bill Harris of Holosync.
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