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Reiki effects shown using EEG

The analysis effect of the new EEG technology for Gendai Reiki therapy.

Presentation at the Gendai Reiki Network International Gathering, Kyoto on 18th March 2012 by Dr Chiaki Kudo

(Dr Kudo has been researching Gendai Reiki and its effect on the brain.  Dr Kudo’s research uses both hands on and distance treatments, and shows the effects picked up by the new EEG technology displayed on computer images.  Jean)

“Ladies and Gentlemen, nice to meet you.  I am Dr Kudo from Tokyo.  I am a brain surgeon, but also Neuroscientist as well.  

Dr Kudo
Brain Surgeon and Neuroscientist

To our guests, welcome to Japan and also welcome to this conference.  It is a great honour for me to see you today.

Today I would like to introduce the new EEG technology for the analysis of the effect of Gendai Reiki treatment.  As you know, EEG is short for Electroencephalography.  EEG has been widely recognised as one traditional technology to show brain activity by plain record, but recently new EEG technique has been developed to present its activity measured by computer analysis.

This is the cap of the EEG

In order, we see the superior view of the brain, the left hand side, the posterior, the right hand side, and the anterior view of the brain.

Blue to green region means more monotonous brain activity


Now, I would like to show a case report of brain activity before and after a Reiki treatment to a 57 year old healthy man.

Before the treatment nearly the whole brain shows green

After the Reiki treatment, the frontal lobe (at the top of the superior view and the occipital lobe (at the base of the superior view) have changed to blue. This means that the Reiki treatment has calmed the frontal and occipital lobes.

This is the difference of the activity between before and after the treatment.

The frontal and occipital lobes have become blue. The effect of the treatment is more clearly enhanced.

In the modern century, we must show scientific evidence of the effects of Gendai Reiki treatments, and I believe the new EEG technology will be the key to the door of the scientific Gendai Reiki world.

Now, I hope from the bottom of my heart that you are enjoying Japan’s scientific meeting and the beauty of Kyoto.  See you again.

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