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Reiki Level II class – Okuden

Okuden – Level II
Gendai Reiki class
13/14 December
10.30 – 4.30

Are you thinking of taking this next step with Reiki?  Doi Sensei tells us that when you receive Level II, your ability to receive Reiki will be enhanced; the flow will be purer, and the healing power of Reiki will be doubled.  In addition you will be able to perform Reiki healing in the visible (physical) world, the invisible (emotional, mental, spiritual) world, and beyond time and space (distance, past and future).
Please get in touch if you would like to take this step, and I will send you a booking form.  Perhaps let your friends and family know that you would like a contribution to the fee in lieu of a Christmas present this year.  It would be the best Christmas present you ever receive.
For those of you who have already taken this level with me, there is no charge to come along and review – you will be most welcome to join us to refresh your understanding of the concepts of Level II and to receive Reiju to re-align your energy with the highest vibration once more.


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