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Reiki in Hartford Hospital

Reiki in Hartford Hospital

Reiki in Hartford Hospital

From Hartford Hospital, whose nursing department offers Reiki training for newborns:
Reiki is a Japanese touch therapy and relaxation technique and one of the fastest growing forms of Energy Medicine. It’s a complementary therapy option that promotes relaxation and decreases anxiety and discomfort that promotes stress reduction, relaxation and pain control and is an effective healing touch therapy. It assists patients both in the hospital, and in their continued recovery after leaving the hospital as well as becoming a means of wellness promotion.

Why Choose Reiki? Patients in the hospital setting experience many stressors (e.g. anxiety, pain, sleeplessness, nausea, fatigue, etc.) that can undermine the function of the immune system and interfere with healing. Patients are asking for Reiki as a healing option.

Hartford Hospital Outcome Measurements (attached) show that Reiki can induce the “relaxation response,” can diminish anxiety, pain, nausea and fatigue, and can enhance the healing process. The physiological changes resulting from the “relaxation response” can boost the function of the immune system and increase a sense of well-being. Research studies (see references at end) document similar benefits.

Reiki practitioners are frequently asked to provide this service to patients. Some feedback from patients:

“Being in the hospital is stressful enough, but having a major operation is very, very stressful! Reiki was extremely helpful for stress and pain relief. Thank You!”

“Even with drugs I had difficulty relaxing, but with the Reiki experience I was able to completely relax. What a great service to provide in hospitals. It opens people’s minds to alternative methods of healing. It was great!”

“Our dad who is under a lot of stress with his diagnosis was quite surprised to have fallen asleep with Reiki. It was a great feeling to see him at peace during a most difficult time. Thank you!

“The Reiki provided me with practically the only relief I had during a rather painful four days in the hospital. First time I am without back pain in weeks! I feel wonderful!”

“I felt extremely relaxed. Cramping in my legs and knees was greatly released.”

We have found the Reiki Program to be one of the most beneficial programs for our patients.

With thanks to Audrey Pearson of
Gendai Reiki America, for sharing this report

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