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Reiki class June 2012

Mikao Usui’s motivation in creating the system of Usui Reiki Ryoho was to develop a path towards spiritual development, which is known in other cultures as the state of Satori, or anshin ritsumei.  Whichever words we use, they describe the attainment of a state of calmness and perfect harmony, regardless of what is happening around us.  Working towards this state is the main aim of Level One of Gendai Reiki Ho.

You also receive the healing techniques created by Mikao Usui, which have been passed down through the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai – the association that Usui Sensei founded, and thus to Hiroshi Doi – the founder of Gendai  Reiki Ho, and so to us.

Natural Spring in the serene garden at the Sunjusangen-do Temple, Higashiyama district of Kyoto

Natural Spring in the serene garden at the Sunjusangen-do Temple, Higashiyama district of Kyoto

This system of tuition, conveying the content directly from teacher to student by word of mouth and example, is honoured in all cultures.  It allows the student to step out of their everyday life for a few hours and, by raising their vibration to be in harmony with the Universe, allows them to experience first hand the inestimable value and beauty of this tranquil state of mind.  Students of Gendai Reiki have all been experienced this state and know the joy and peace that it brings on a very deep level of our being.

If you would like to experience this tranquillity in your own life, please join us at our Level One Gendai Reiki class 22-24 June here in the Scottish Borders.  Please tell your friends and family if there are loved ones who you feel would benefit, and invite them to get in touch if they would like more information.

Once you have taken the class with me, please know that you are always welcome to join us – free of charge – for any future Level One classes.  It is valuable to sit in on the energy again, to receive Reiju and realign your inner Reiki energy with the Universal energy once more, to ask your questions … and to bring the benefits of your uniqueness and experience to the class which will make it richer for the newcomers.

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