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Reiki ripples spread far and wide

There is a legend that tells of the Emperor Ashoka who ruled India BCE.  He was a bloodthirsty emperor who waged frequent battles.  In the eighth year of his reign, he conquered Kalinga, which proved to be a particularly bloodthirsty battle and was pivotal in that it brought him face to face with the devastating consequences of his desire for conquest.

The story goes that as he walked through the battlefield, confronted with the carnage that his actions had wrought, he came across a Buddhist monk quietly walking through the battlefield.  Ashoka was heavy-hearted and filled with remorse for all the suffering that had come as a result of his actions, and so was particularly aware of the contrast with the peaceful, serene demeanour of the monk.  Ashoka pondered the fact that the monk looked happy, despite the fact that he just had the one set of robes he was wearing, the one bowl from which he ate, and no place of his own to rest his head that night.  In contrast, Ashoka had fine clothes on his back, rings on his fingers, a full belly, and many palaces in which his every want would be met … and yet he experienced no peace of mind, no happiness.  Ashoka engaged the monk in conversation, and was so taken with the simplicity of his message that he asked the monk to teach him about Buddhism.

This chance encounter changed the emperor’s life, in turn changing the lives of his family and his subjects.  He turned from his bloodthirsty ways, espoused the virtues of honesty, truthfulness, compassion, mercifulness, benevolence and consideration.  He went on periodic tours, relieving the sufferings of rural people, ordering his high officials to do the same.  He exhorted his administrative officers to be constantly aware of the joys and sorrows of the common folk and to be prompt and impartial in dispensing justice, and putting his energies into creating better living conditions for his subjects.  His legacy includes pillars engraved with his understanding of religious doctrines, which are still standing today.  A sample quotation reads: All men are my children.  As for my own children I desire that they may be provided with all the welfare and happiness of this world and of the next, so do I desire for all men as well. 

This man changed the course of history … and how did it all begin?  With the quiet demeanour of that humble monk, going about his day.  He wasn’t teaching, healing, or making any display, however, he wholeheartedly embodied what he believed and this impressed the emperor profoundly.

We have no idea how our demeanour affects others.  Once we begin to live in a way that embodies Reiki, keeping the 5 precepts taught by Mikao Usui in our hearts and bringing their essence into our thoughts, words and actions every day, in every sphere of our lives – home, work, and in social get-togethers.  Those around us notice the difference, and the ripples of our words and actions spread out in ever–widening circles across the world.

Never doubt that by embodying Reiki, you, too, can change the course of history.

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