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Reiki Level Two Seminar

Hiroshi Doi’s Reiki teacher was Komiko Koyama, who was the 6th President of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai.   Koyama Sensei’s husband was called up to fight in World War II; sadly, she was informed that he had died in the conflict.  According to Japanese tradition, she put his photograph onto the family altar, but as she did this she felt a shock on her hip.  She put her hand there to bring Reiki to the place, and the pain went away.

The next day, as she gazed at her husband’s photograph, she felt an ache in her stomach.  This puzzled her.  She took down his photograph and scanned it with her Reiki hands.  As she did so, she felt pains in many places on his body.  Hope began to grow inside her.  She thought ‘hibiki (negative energy from a diseased part of the body) would not come from a dead body’.   She felt sure he was alive.

In fact, Koyama sensei’s husband was in China, then he was taken to Russia, and it was 2 years before he was brought back home to Japan.  He had been required to do hard manual work in Russia – the pains he had been suffering as a result of this strenuous work mysteriously went away!  The unaccustomed Western food didn’t suit his body, but suddenly the discomfort and pain in his stomach was gone.  Hibiki did come from the photograph that Koyama Sensei held in her Reiki hands.

Human consciousness can reach anywhere in the Universe at any moment – even without photographs.  

Distant healing is one of the techniques that is taught in Okuden – Level Two Reiki.  If you feel drawn to learn this technique, our next Level Two class is scheduled for 17-18 August 2012.

Friday 17th: 7-10pm
Saturday 18th: 10.30 – 4.30.

If you hold Level Two and would like to review the class, or any parts of it, you would be most welcome to join us and to refresh your energy through receiving Reiju.

If you are from a different lineage, please contact me for further information.


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