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Learning Reiki

On the steps of Kurama Dera Temple.  Gendai Reiki Network Conference 2014.

On the steps of Kurama Dera Temple. Gendai Reiki Network Conference 2014.

There are many life experiences that provide the stimulus for us to learn Reiki.  Perhaps the word just keeps being mentioned by friends or family, or you keep seeing posters or books on the subject.  Perhaps you, or someone you love, are experiencing a health concern. Perhaps you just feel that there has to be more to life, something you are missing, something just beyond your reach.

Whatever the reason, we receive promptings to explore this healing art.  We may push the prompting away, using our intellect to convince us that it is just all mumbo jumbo, beads and candles, or just something that women do.  We may be quite adept at resisting, closing our eyes and ears to those promptings … but they never quite go away.

Then one day there is a sense of urgency that can no longer be denied.  You decide to open your mind to the idea of learning Reiki … or furthering your learning of Reiki.  You make enquiries, pick up a leaflet, do a web search.  A process has begun.  Your spirit, your wise inner self, your higher self, the quiet voice inside, whatever term we use to describe that prompting voice, has at last managed to catch your attention.  A process will begin; opening, unfurling like a beautiful and delicate flower, petal by petal, revealing hidden depths within you that are yearning to be reached.

Your wise self knows what it needs to evolve and grow, to move you gently towards finding an internal equilibrium from where you can experience true happiness and peace in your world.  The traumas of life still happen around you, but you slowly and gently gain a more stable base.  Your wise self knows how to navigate the rapids of life, but so often we rush headlong into a state of stress, distress, and drown out that small voice with the noisy chatter of our minds.

If you are feeling promptings … listen.  It will be the best gift you ever give to yourself.  Your mind will open, and the opportunities arise to introduce you to the right path for you.

Dates for Level One Gendai Reiki classes for the next few months are as follows:
25 – 27 April 2014
23 – 25 May 2014
20 – 22 June 2014
These classes follow the usual format of Friday evening, Saturday mordning and afternoon, Sunday morning.

Classes are held in my home in the beautiful Scottish Borders.  If you would like to learn Reiki, and live in a different area, accommodation is available.

Alternatively, speak with your friends and family to see if anyone shares your wish to learn Reiki.  If you gather together a few friends, I will come and teach you in your own area.

Reiki tuition is also available for Levels Two, Three and Four.  Please contact me for further information.


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