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Level I – Shoden – Gendai Reiki Class

Level I Gendai Reiki class

Winter Frost

We have entered the final third of the Winter season, the days are getting longer … Spring is on its way!

Tiny shoots begin to appear, snowdrops and aconites flower in the dark earth, often in the snow, and turn their faces towards the Sun.  Our thoughts turn to planting seeds.

To me, this is symbolic of the beginning of our journey with Reiki.  We plant a tiny seed and then nurture it as it begins to grow, becoming stronger with each day, and soon bearing fruit.

Would you like to plant your own seed of Reiki this Spring, which will flower and bear fruit your whole life long?  If so, there is a Level I Gendai Reiki class coming up on 17/18th March 2018 in the beautiful Scottish Borders.  The class will run from 10:30 to 4:30 each day.

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