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How can Reiki impact our health?

How can Reiki energy have a positive impact on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health?

 ‘When your cells are ailing, first consider their environment.’
Irv Konigsberg.

Do you believe that you will develop arthritis because your mother suffered from it, or angina because that runs in your family?  That you are a victim of heredity?

If so, you are not alone.  Many people are filled with an underlying fear that on some unsuspecting day their genes will turn on them, like a ticking time bomb.  That cancer will explode in their life as it exploded in the life of their mother, or brother, or aunt.  Many people attribute their failing health simply to the inadequacies of their body’s biochemical mechanics.

The diseases that are today’s scourges – diabetes, heart disease, and cancer – are a result of complex interactions among multiple genes and environmental factors.  Specific genes are correlated with an organism’s behaviour and characteristics, but these genes are not activated until something triggers them, which can be from a combination of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual causes.

Think of setting up a new television set.  Your new set receives the same signal as every other tv, but adjusting the settings allows you to change the colours, hues, widescreen format, sound, etc to be as you prefer it to be.  This is precisely the role of the body’s regulatory proteins that can create an amazing 2,000 or more variations of proteins from the same genetic blueprint.  This fine-tuning can be passed from generation to generation and override our genetic inheritance.

In other words, you may have inherited a predisposition to high blood pressure, but your lifestyle has more importance than your genes in dictating whether or not you will develop this condition.  Studies tell us that only 5% of cancer and cardiovascular disease patients can attribute their disease to heredity.  95% of breast cancers are not due to inherited genes, but from the environment that we provide for our cells.

How do we have an impact on the environment of our cells?

In our bodies it is the job of the nervous system to be aware of the environment, and set in motion an appropriate response.  When it recognises a threatening environmental stress, the nervous system alerts our community of cells to impending danger.  Danger can appear in many guises.

On a physical level, the choice and quality of the food you ingest is important – food is information in our body’s environment.  The toiletries and beauty products you use every day are most likely filled with chemicals to give them a long shelf life, attractive colour or fragrance – even though they may say ‘natural’ on the label.  The cleaning materials you choose for your home are important, they may be filled with chemicals that are absorbed through your skin or inhaled through their fumes.  It takes longer to source products that not only do not undermine the health of your body, but actively contribute to its health.

On mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, biological behaviour can be controlled by thought just as effectively as it can be controlled by physical substances like penicillin.  Our bodies have a brilliant mechanism for handling acute stress, but it is not designed to be continuously activated.  It is a sad fact that many people around us live in an almost constant state of stress, which has its impact on us too.  Science has shown that almost every major illness is linked to chronic stress.

It is more and more important to heed the messages our bodies are giving us.  It is becoming harder to keep ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy as we are continually bombarded with chemicals and stressors, many of them beyond our control.

Imagine a population of trillions of individual cells living under one roof in a state of cooperation and perpetual happiness.  This is the state of a healthy human body.  Bruce Lipton.

By listening to the messages of our body and spirit, we affect our health.
By the choices we make in each moment we affect our health.
By embracing the Reiki principles, we raise our vibration and allow our spirits to dwell in a healthy environment.
By not engaging in negative thoughts – including self talk! – we have a positive impact on our health.
By joining together with others to receive group Reiki, or individually from a loved one or friend, we affect our health.
By making time each day for our Reiki self treatment, we positively affect our health on every level.

These all benefit every cell in our body … and have the potential to override our genetic inheritance.

For more information see The Biology of Belief
by Bruce Lipton


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