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There is an inner spark that journeys through all the richness of your life, your adventures and your challenges. All are essential for your growth … but the challenges can be disheartening. These are the times when you are called to look inward, to seek you you really are – beyond the expectations of others – and to connect with that inner spark.

Your birthchart is your map through the evolutionary journey we call life, and your path is illuminated by the Sun, Moon, stars and planets. If you are interested in exploring your true depths, in reaching your highest potentials, in growing psychologically and spiritually, then this reading is for you. This is not a computer-generated reading, it is totally unique … as are you. Your reading will be recorded and sent to you via Dropbox or memory stick, please see the options below.

If your enquiry is for an understanding of the energies that are calling you to growth now and in the coming 12 moths, please indicate below.

Birth chart reading: £225.00 for Dropbox transfer

Birth chart reading on memory stick: £234.00

12 month reading: £126.00 for Dropbox transfer

12 month reading on memory stick: £135.00

Payment may be made via Paypal to – please ensure that you cover any transfer fees.

Or by electronic transfer: JF Jones, TSB Hanover St, Edinburgh 20951968 30-71-84

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It would be helpful if you would let me know why you are drawn to a reading at this time, and – if we haven’t met – it would be helpful if you would also send a photo.