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NES Health

‘Disease is just scrambled information, so if we can access the information,
we can correct the scrambling.’
Lynne McTaggart, conventional and alternative medicine journalist and author.

Founded in 2000 by Professor Peter Fraser and Harry Massey, NES Health provides a complete system to restore health and energy.  It all began with a simple question:
‘How can we help someone heal if they can’t get out of bed?’

Harry Massey was suffering with severe chronic fatigue syndrome that left him bed-ridden for over 7 years.  He had tried every kind of conventional and alternative healing approach he could find, but nothing led to a permanent cure.  Harry then met Australian visionary thinker Peter Fraser … and everything changed!

Peter had two decades of training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and was principle of a college of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.  The curriculum he created was accepted as the standard state system for university accreditation in Australia, and is still in place today.

Peter had spent over 20 years researching the human bodyfield, and developing remedies based on his research.  Harry volunteered to try Peter’s remedies and, amazingly, over the next two years made a complete recovery.

Harry and Peter started working together, combining Peter’s stunning research and Harry’s remarkable technological insights.  Together they created the world’s first practical clinical system for reading and then correcting the bodyfield.

How does NES Health work?

Using a scan of the bodyfield, NES Health can analyse the body’s bio-field information, which is the master control system for the body’s health and functioning.

NES Scanner

NES Health continues to innovate new solutions and technologies.  The BioEnergetiX Wellness System identifies and corrects distortions in the bodyfield, so that you can more easily and naturally return to optimal function.  MiHealth is the first ever hand-held healthcare device, which allows practitioners to remove distortions in your energy, and stimulate trigger points to bring your body back to its natural vibration.

NES Health’s aim is to give you
energy for life.

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